The LYSAGHT® Half Round gutters have been designed with a unique curved base which can prevent build-up of water and dirt, allowing the gutter to clean itself with every shower of rain.

  • LYSAGHT® Half Round gutter is available with external brackets only
  • Large water carrying capacity gutter with overflow slots in the design, specifically for the tropics.
  • Available unslotted on request
  • A range of easy fix accessories and brackets, makes installation easier
Styles and dimensions vary for each state, refer brochures.
It is important gutters slope towards the outlets (a minimum gutter fall of 1 in 500 is recommended).
Without this slope, ’ponding’ may occur, reducing the life of your gutter.
When installing gutters, remove any metal particles or debris at the end of the day to prevent staining or corrosion.
Do not install galvanised gutters with a ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® prepainted steel roof.
Galvanised gutters are only suitable with galvanised steel roof.
The protective plastic film should be stripped off immediately on installation.

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LYSAGHT® Half Round Gutter

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Product availability is indicative, contact Lysaght directly to confirm availability.
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Material gauges and availability may vary between States. We recommend you check with your local Lysaght branch.


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